[Scribus] Does Scribus produce CMYK images in a PDF if The Gimp was used to create them?

Craig Ringer craig
Tue Oct 10 05:40:45 CEST 2006

Julian Robbins wrote:

> I need to send a CMYK PDF to a printers for an advert. Now I'm sure that
> the PDF Scribus produces will be CMYK, but if I use the Gimp to create
> the images in the first place, ie RGB, and import them, will the
> resulting output PDF have CMYK images or not?

If you tell Scribus to generate a CMYK PDF by choosing the "Printer" 
target, all content of the PDF will be CMYK no matter what its original 
colour space was.

It's strongly recommended that you enable colour management in 1.3.x 
whenever Scribus is expected to do colour space conversions. It'll 
generally do a better job even with the default profiles than with 
colour management off.

> If I produce vector work from Inkscape and import as a SVG, I think that
> produces CMYK images. Is this correct ?

Scribus will convert the RGB colours in the imported shapes into CMYK 
colours during export to printer (CMYK PDF). Again, enabling colour 
management might make this conversion better even with default profiles.

Craig Ringer

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