[Scribus] Scribus in Linux+

cedric GEMY radar.map35
Mon Oct 9 21:32:59 CEST 2006

Oh sorry Louis if i didn't informed anyone that i worked on this 
article. Peter, MrB and Jean may have know that since i've asked them 
many question while writing it in march.

I some people want it, i have a french file here that i can send "for 
information" - ;) -. But i'll do a scan of the magazin (may be tonight).

Yes i think Linux+ does not publish online the content of its paper 
magazin. That's a pity and somewhat arguying me. But anyway. Strange way 
to work there : before ithe magazin was out, i didn't even know there 
should be other article on Scribus. Anyway, my only hope is that it can 
help scribus, and help some people to use it.

On the magazin CD, you may find some wink tutorial. If not, tell me 
immediatly, i remember i've made one or two on scribus and if they are 
not published they are the community property.

After all theses kindness, I hope i'll have my place in Montreal ;)

cedric (pygmee)

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