[Scribus] Scribus in Linux+

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Mon Oct 9 18:17:27 CEST 2006

Nicholas Vettese napisa?(a):
> They may not post the article for another month or two.  They usually let it lapse so that people will buy 
>the magazine instead of waiting for it to come online.

Not in this case, I'm afraid, this magazine is known for not doing it,
and if they decide to do it every now and then, they force users to
register to their website just for  downloading one single article:(
Anyway, it was a very nice  read for the "1st contact" audience  with a
way too  bombastic title which  had probably been enforced  by Linux+
editors since I cannot even imagine Cedric himself would ever get the
idea of naming it: "Clash of  the titans -- Scribus, Gimp vs Photoshop,

To comfort you, there is yet another article by Cedric:



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