[Scribus] Tutorials

hovergo at net-tech.com.au hovergo
Tue Oct 3 07:38:40 CEST 2006

First, I apologise for the  Borg and Klingon slap in my previous email,
It was unnecessary in the context of the discussion.

Second, While formatting a series of layout pages for a discussion forum
of which I am a founding member I remembered a little tutorial trick I
had briefly noticed weeks ago. It involved using a blank image box with
text wrap around to reposition text in a multi column text box. Yeah,
everyone uses this  --------- How simple, and till this minute I simply
did not know, I had used line spacing, newlines, I had at other times
used image boxes with images to displace text, you name it. but not
this, the simplest way --  an empty image box.

This event helped me realise that it's not the tutorial which is the
problem, it is the way we understand what is being said and how to apply
the information to our own event cycle. A tut writer cannot do this for
us. The onus is on the reader of the tut to get what he needs and work
out how to apply it and remember what one reads in the tut.
Tutorials are not there to hold our hands and pat our foreheads, they
are a series of tips and tricks and explanations.


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