[Scribus] Relation between <ITEXT> and <STYLE> elements.

avox avox
Tue Oct 3 01:44:41 CEST 2006

String Larson-2 wrote:
> Can someone explain how these relate in the .sla ?
> I'm looking at the C++ code that creates and reads the .sla files,  
> and it is so cryptic, I can't see how these get related.

Omg, is this some sort of self-punishment? ;-)

Current fileformat only knows paragraph styles which are numbered 5,6,7,...
in the order of their appearance in the .sla.
Text objects and ITEXT refers to this number via the 'CAB' attribute.
Values <5 stand for "normal left aligned", "normal centered", "normal right
"normal justified" and "normal justified extended" respectively. Easy, eh?

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