[Scribus] Installation Woes

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sun Nov 26 03:53:56 CET 2006

Gary Chambers wrote:
> Hello Scribus List Members,
>                                             My name is Gary, and I live 
> in Prince Rupert on the northwest coast of Canada just below the Alaska 
> panhandle.  I moved here to do some community publishing work, which has 
> been my buiness since the early 1970's.  I operate both a Mac and an IBM 
> clone machine and I thought I was going to have to buy Quark Express or 
> Pagemaker for my page building work.  Then I discovered Scribus.  
> Scribus is obviously less costly and reviewers say it's even better than 
> the two market leaders.  But I'm having trouble just installing the program.
>          I am not a computer scientist or programmer.  My experience 
> with computers began in the 1970's on typesetting machines called 
> Compugraphics.  I never thought of them as computers, but that's what 
> they were.  Later I moved on to Macs and IBM types with MS-Dos.  
> Frankly, for years I avoided MS Windows, because I felt I had the real 
> and original windows software in the Mac and saw MS Windows as a poor 
> copy of the Mac operating system.  I still feel that way, but now I'm 
> also using an IBM clone with Windows 98.  I build web sites sometimes 
> and I use the IBM to make sure my HTML pages are showing up properly on 
> MS Windows machines.  98 is excellent for this, because if a site 
> displays correctly on that unstable old saw, then I can be fairly sure 
> it will display on any MS Windows computer.
> Ultimately I plan  to partition the clone's hard drive and put Linux on 
> one of the partitions.  The Mac runs OS X so it should run Scribus 
> anyway, without partitioning.  Having just moved, however, I'm still 
> unpacking boxes so those changes will have to wait.  Meanwhile, I must 
> try to get both computers ready to start serious publishing work right 
> after Christmas.  I have downloaded Scribus into the IBM clone, but the 
> installation instructions are over my head.  As I said, I'm not a 
> computer scientist, programmer or technician.  For that reason, the 
> letter below, which I sent to a Linux savvy technician today, will be 
> self explanatory.
>    Being able to install a working copy of Scribus on the IBM clone 
> would be a great help to me right now, so I decided to join this list 
> and see if anyone here has any tips or links I may have overlooked.  -- Gary
Hi Gary,

Sadly, you cannot put Scribus on a machine that has Win98, only Win2000 
and XP.
Some additional advice: you can either add Linux to your current hard 
drive or to an additional hard drive. To add to your current Win98 
drive, you'll need to get Partition Magic or something similar to shrink 
your Windows and make another partition.  After that, various Linux 
distros can be loaded. Ubuntu is one of the easier to load, since it's 
only one CD, but there are some issues with Ubuntu and Scribus:


Another option would be getting a copy of Knoppix, which can be run 
without installing on your machine, and recent versions of Knoppix have 
Scribus on them.


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