[Scribus] Why is the Selection Change event not available for combo boxes?

Grant Paton-Simpson grant
Thu Nov 23 20:29:20 CET 2006


I'm very new to Scribus (and fillable PDFs) so apologies if the answer 
is obvious.

What I am looking for is an event fired when a selection is made in a 
combo box so that I can add some JavaScript to it. I noted there was a 
Selection Change event for the ListBox control so I wondered if the 
Combo needed to be non-editable before that option was available. But no 
- nothing seemed to make that option appear.

It looks like this is probably because of the limitations of Acrobat 

The Adobe Acrobat 7.0.5 JavaScript Scripting Reference (AcroJS.pdf) 
documentation p.335 looks relevant ...


This event occurs whenever a user types a keystroke into a text box or 
combo box
(including cut and paste operations) or selects an item in a combo box 
list or list box field. A
keystroke script may limit the type of keys allowed. For example, a 
numeric field might only
allow numeric characters.

The Acrobat user interface allows the author to specify a Selection 
Change script for
list boxes. The script is triggered every time an item is selected. This 
is implemented as the
keystroke event where the keystroke value is equivalent to the user 
selection. This behavior
is also implemented for the combo box ? the ?keystroke? could be thought 
to be a paste
into the text field of the value selected from the drop-down list."


... as is the comment on p.342 that the Selection Change event is for 
list boxes only. So should I be using the keystroke event instead? But 
the only events Scribus exposes to me are the four mouse events, and the 
focus and blur events. None of these seem useful.

I have managed to get something useful working with a listbox but what I 
really want is a combo box to save screen/page real estate.

Any thoughts?

All the best, Grant


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