[Scribus] A bookshop "made with Scribus"

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Thu Nov 23 12:48:20 CET 2006

Kurt Lhotzky napisał(a):
> Hi, list -
> it is time to say "Thank you" to the developpers for their work and to the list for its kind help whenever there were questions. 
>I want to stress that this mail is not intented to be publicity!
> We - my wife and I - opened in october our bookshop here in Vienna - and everything - the logo, the stationery, the business cards, the journal for clients, ("Buchstabensuppe") , all flyers and posters and the ads in newspapers were and are made exclusively withScribus.

> Have a look at www.literaturbuffet.com to see our logo. Our journal you can find here: http://www.literaturbuffet.com/html/buchstabensuppe.html
> The posters for our lectures are here: http://www.literaturbuffet.com/html/veranstaltungen.html
> Maybe you will like one or the other graphical idea I realized with Scribus!

Is it OK with you, if we add this report and and small screen shot of
your Buchstabensuppe to our Success Stories on the Scribus Wiki?



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