[Scribus] Request: Critisize my layout

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Thu Nov 23 04:12:22 CET 2006

Joshua Kr?mer wrote:
> Hello all!
> For school, I'm asked to do the layout for a kind of ?yearbook? (with
> presentation of students, teachers, classes, articles about excursions etc.)
> The book's mottoe is (german): ?Heute HUGO, morgen BOSS?, hinting
> to the well-known ?HUGO BOSS? brand.
> You can find my result here:
> http://www.pc-schachtel.de/sonstiges/Abi5.pdf
> Note: the photography is a placeholder ;)
> The box around the page number should look like one of those pieces in
> clothes indicating the size.
> I hope some of you can give me some tipps, hints or advices how to
> improve the layout!
Hallo Joshua,

Overall, very nice. I'm not one of the people who post to the list who 
is a professional in layout or design, but it has a good balance in general.

The only significant suggestion I have has to do the the relationship 
between the body text on page two and the address footnote. I don't like 
that empty space just above it. It looks like something is missing, and 
perhaps there is, since that doesn't seem to be a complete sentence just 
above it. A minor issue is that the two inner margins on pages 2 and 3 
are not the same.

Nonetheless, an attractive piece of work. It looks like they picked the 
right person to do this.


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