[Scribus] Importing PS/EPS for Imposition

Riku Leino tsoots
Mon Nov 20 10:57:04 CET 2006

Julian Goodsell wrote:
> I'm not sure how you reply to these posts so I hope email reply does the
> trick. 

I'm tricked, seems to work

> How do you import individual pages from a Scribus document? I can't 
> do it with File-Import.

Page import can be found from the "Page" menu. Page>Import will show you a 
dialog where you'll need to browse to your exiting Scribus document. After 
that you can fill in the import pages text field a range of imported pages 
and creating those pages at the end of the current document will probably be 
the easiest way of setting up your final doc layout to the first page (which 
is of proper size). Objects on the imported pages will be groupped, if I 
remember this right. So you'll only need to drag them to correct positions on 
the first page.

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