[Scribus] Rotating Characters in a text box

Axel Bojer axelb
Sat Nov 18 22:48:09 CET 2006

Axel Bojer skrev:
> Russbucket skrev:
>> I have a vertical test box but I need the characters to be Horizonal within 
>> the box. Is there a way to rotate the characters without change the location 
>> of the box. Below is how text box looks. 
>>                         ----
>> 		       | X |
>> 		       | E |
>> 		       | R |
>> 		       | O |
>> 		       | X |
>>                         ----
>> Any pointers on how to do this. I was able to do it when I used MS Publisher, 
>> now converting everything to Scribus on Linux.
>> Thanks in advance!
> My solution to this was (after having written the Text normally, that is 
> horizontally) to just turn the whole text box around 270.00 degrees. 
> (choose "Rotation".)
> Not quite as you asked maybe because you may have to move it a bit 
> afterwards, but it works fine :-)

Sorry, misread your answer. I see from your picture, that you want one 
letter at each line but still have the letters horizontally. I have no 
other suggestions for this, than to restrict the width of the text box 
so that only one letter fits in. Of course you then also may have to 
move the box ...

Best regards
Axel Bojer

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