[Scribus] properties window & story editor

Adam Lafayette atomlbomb
Fri Nov 17 16:53:03 CET 2006

Scribus is great I have now used it for creating 2 cd covers (1 for an old band and 1 for a current band) and making some business cards.

I am using windows XP and scribus
In case it matters my video resolution is set at 1152x864 at 32bit.

something I have noticed in this version and previous 1.3.x versions is that when I bring up the properties window
it does not show me all the options, I need to use the vertical or horizontal scroll bar in the properties window to look at everything
no matter if it is xyz, shape, text, line or colors.

If I use my mouse cursor to try to resize the properties window it does not give me the option to resize it.
Is this a feature or a bug or neither?  It would be nice if I could resize it so I wouldn't have to scroll.

The other thing is it would be nice if the line spacing control found in the properties windows under text was also in the story editor.
I would like to be able to change line spacing from the story editor so I don't need to leave it and then go back into the story editor when working with text.
I know I don't need to use the story editor to editing text but I do like it.


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