[Scribus] Using Pantone colors fails

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Fri Nov 17 12:36:00 CET 2006

Corn? Verbruggen napisa?(a):
>>>> :) I'm confused. Do we really need to backport  this from the unstable
>>>> branch? Has the current spot color solution in 1.3.3.* stopped working
>>>> and isn't fixable anymore?
>>> Is seems so. Or my print service is doing something wrong. If other
>>> people have good results with spot-colors in version, I would
>>> like to know that.
>> By the time the Wiki article was written, there was no 1.3.4cvs and
>> there was no indication the something was wrong in the article.
>> Peter, can you confirm if spot colour works on 1.3.3.x?
>>> Btw, is there a simple way of inspecting a PDF to find out if spot
>>> colors are embedded correctly?
>> I'd like to understand that as well, and add the validation procedure to
>> the article.

> Just compiled the latest cvs-snapshot from sourceforge (,
> but I still do not get the spot colors printed.
> regards,
> Corn?

OK, I'm putting a big fat warning into the Wiki howto that the described
spot color procedure is very likely not going to work. It'll stay there
until we know for sure that 1.3.3.* supports spot colors.


P.S. Corne, please place your replies below the original text

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