[Scribus] Announce: Scribus 1.3.4 Feature Freeze and Freeze

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Fri Nov 17 00:10:25 CET 2006

Craig Bradney wrote:
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>> Subject: Re: [Scribus] Announce: Scribus 1.3.4 Feature Freeze
> and Freeze

> From: Nicholas Vettese <nvettese at pdistributors.com>
> To: scribus at nashi.altmuehlnet.de
> Date: 16-11-2006 16:34
> Where did you get this from?  I have been looking for it.  I don't do
> production stuff, so I am not worried about alpha/beta software.
> Probably from CVS.. instructions are in the installing section of
> http://docs.scribus.net.
Here's a more precise link:


One thing not quite clear in the instructions is that when you login to 
CVS, it's really more like 'cvs login <ENTER> <ENTER>'. The first 
<ENTER> asks for a password, which is null (ie, nothing), so you just 
press <ENTER> again.

One further note -- since there can be some instabilities (at times) 
with the most advanced CVS version (currently 1.3.4), you may want to 
install your 1.3.4 in a separate directory, so you don't overwrite a 
more stable version, and it also allows you to run either version by choice.
With the old make, you did this when you configured, with './configure 
--prefix=/home/gregp/scribus134'. I'm not sure how to do this with cmake.
Another advantage of putting in another directory is so you can install 
without sudo or becoming root, in fact it's a way to make sure you're 
installing where you want by doing 'make install' as a user.

For the above example, the executable will be 


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