[Scribus] Kerning HOWTO

Rich Shepard rshepard
Wed Nov 15 02:52:35 CET 2006

   I use Scribus infrequently and forget how to do some things such as
kerning letters in the headline of a brochure. I cannot find 'manual
kerning' in the local help, except as a feature. Sigh.

   On the web site, I found a description on page 4 of the tutorial. However,
the description does not match the version installed here.

   I click on the headline frame and select the 'edit frame contents' icon:
an uppercase 'A' with a bar icon to its right (not the hand/icon described
in the tutorial). Then I click between two letters and ... that's it. I
cannot find how to get to an appropriate properties box that has a kerning
widget. When I select Edit->Properties, I get something that does not match
the font in use and there is no place to adjust kerning.

   Pointers will be very helpful.



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