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Craig Ringer craig
Tue Nov 14 04:40:40 CET 2006

Riku Leino wrote:
> Nicholas Vettese wrote:
>> Select get text -> browse and select the document - > click open
>> Nothing happens

... because we're clearly not checking for an error return from
gzopen(...) and telling the user like we should be.

> And if anybody knows anything 
> about gzopen and supported encodings, please let us know.

At least on *nix, gzopen is unaware of text encodings. It, like the vast
majority of UNIX library and system calls, must be passed text in the
local 8 bit encoding. It works on byte strings and has no understanding
of "text". This will be because it passes the arguments though to the
underlying fopen() from the C library.

It seems this might be different on win32, probably due to the use of
native win32 file handling calls. I'll check it out once I'm done with
my exams.

BTW, re the bug comment, QString::ucs2() strings cannot be used as
arguments in functions that take just a `const char *'. Because UCS-2
can contain embedded null characters and often does, it just won't work.
Most functions provide a second form that takes an integral argument for
the string length in bytes so they don't need to check for null
termination. Anyway, we know gzopen doesn't require a UCS-2 string for
its argument, because it works correctly when the input string has no
non-ASCII chars (ie the lower 7 bits are matching). If it was
interpreting the argument as UCS-2 this would not be the case since it's
a 2-byte wide encoding and the string would be interpreted as gibberish.

Craig Ringer

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