[Scribus] Getting/Appending Text

Nicholas Vettese nvettese
Mon Nov 13 21:53:07 CET 2006

I found the problem.  The document was password protected.  Believe it or
not, that will cause a problem. :)

Once the password protection was removed, the file imported without a hitch.


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Nicholas Vettese wrote:
> I am not sure if this is a bug, or I am just being weird, but I cannot 
> get or append text from an OpenOffice.org document into a Scribus 
> document.  I am using the Windows version, and my steps are as
> follows:
> Open new document in Scribus.
> Create a Text Area
> Right Click in area
> Select get text -> browse and select the document - > click open 
> Nothing happens
> Do the same with Append text, and nothing.
> Am I doing something wrong?  I have never tried this before, so I am 
> just trying to expand my knowledge a little.

No you're not. Those exact steps should import the file in question. There
are some encoding issues which prevents importing. You could try importing
from some other directory than the current one. And if anybody knows
anything about gzopen and supported encodings, please let us know. See the
last msg from jghali at http://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=2215
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