[Scribus] Combo boxes etc.

Calum Polwart scribus
Mon Nov 13 21:37:50 CET 2006

> OK, one of the controls will be used to display IPA characters. For my
> test document (which you can see in PDF form at
> http://www.pdx.edu/~johj) I created a simple database with a field
> called IPA. In each record I typed one IPA character, but I stopped
> when I had 105. Ultimately I will probably want more. There are
> hundreds and hundreds of possible IPA characters. If you look at the
> PDF on my web site above, you will see how I used OpenOffice.org writer
> to create a PDF where the description of a sound is followed by a
> drop-down button. When you click on a button the student can choose the
> character that is used to transcribe that sound. 

OK judging by what Peter has said using anything but the standard
Acrobat Fonts is fraught with problems - your user needs to have 'use
local fonts' enabled in acrobat, and have the font on their machine for
a start.

I couldn't access your sample so I don't really know what it is you want
to do but must multiple choice papers I've ever sat would have tick
boxes (or radio buttons if electronic) rather than a drop down.

You can do that on scribus because the text box with the 'answers' would
just be a normal text box...?  I quickly threw something together which
might be in a language we both understand... see here:


It should work in any pdf reader with form capability...

I realise it does restrict your potential number of answers (i.e. 1:5).

Now - where does the database fit in?  Is this some form of automatic
mail merge you were looking for to create the questions??


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