[Scribus] Translational question

Axel Bojer axelb
Mon Nov 13 16:03:31 CET 2006

Morten Langlo skrev:
> man, 13 nov, 2006, 12:07:45 +0100, skrev Axel Bojer:
>> I am wondering just how much of the skript guiding string can, and 
>> should, be translated. Here are som examples:
>>    setDocType(facingPages, firstPageLeft)
>> But the danish translation has:
>>    setDocType(modst?endeSider, f?rsteSideVenstre)
>> Can this be right? I suppose it should be left as is, because these are 
>> constants that can be used in a script?
> ------
> setDocType(modst?endeSider, f?rsteSideVenstre)

--> danish

> S?tter dokumentets type. For at f? modst?ende sider, s? s?t den f?rste
> v?rdi til FACINGPAGES, for at deaktivere dette brug istedet
> NOFACINGPAGES.  Hvis du ?nsker at have den f?rste side som venstre side,
> s?t da den anden v?rdi til FIRSTPAGELEFT, for en h?jre side som den
> f?rste brug FIRSTPAGERIGHT.
> ------

--> same words, but english

> the actual values (constants) used in this function call, they are not 
> translated!

I see

> Hej fra Danmark :-)


Thank you, I then agree with the others who said
(facingPages, firstPageLeft) are bether not translated, you are using 
those words in the explanation, but not in the actual example, I think 
that might be confusing for the user :-)

Best regards/beste hilsener
Axel Bojer

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