[Scribus] PDF fields documentation

Axel Bojer axelb
Mon Nov 13 00:04:03 CET 2006

Axel Bojer skrev:
> Plinnell skrev:
>> Hi Axel,
>> I know you were planning to do a translation update for 1335, but ran 
>> out of time. Well, we are gonig to release 1336 pretty soon as we 
>> added cmake and found a couple of regressions.
>> So, if you can grab the 1336cvs tarball or cvs and submit what you 
>> have in the next few days if you can.
> Nice :-)
> I am in this moment on string 3063 of reported 3083, so I hope I will

Eh, a bit too fast there: I meant ?of 3786? (says Kbabel).

> make it soon :-) Unfortunately I am using an old file (from I 
> think), but as I was so far already i trusted this can be solved 
> somehow, can this be automaticly transfered?
> Best regards
> Axel Bojer
>> On Saturday 11 November 2006 15:05, Axel Bojer wrote:
>>> Plinnell skrev:
>>> (...)
>>>> As you mentioned, you are running under 64bit and there is no
>>>> upgrade to possible. I know both Debian, Fedora
>>>> and Suse all offer 64-bit versions of Scribus for 1.3.3.x,
>>>> otherwise you will need to compile the sources yourself. On
>>>> http://debian.scribus.net there are notes on doing this in a
>>>> build root.
>>> (...)
>>> I have done this on my kubuntu (edgy) machine, and it works like a
>>> charm :-) Perhaps I could make a debian-packet out of it and load
>>> it up to the scribus-repository if I just find out how :-)
>> The problem is twofold:
>> Sourceforge where we host the packages makes it difficult to 
>> distuingish between debian and Ubuntu packages
>> Acess to debian scribus.net is tightly controlled to protect the 
>> content of the binaries. Even I do not have access to it.
>>> Another question though: Does it matter that I did not remove my
>>> previos before compileing I recognized, that this
>>> is much faster than when I comiled my first Scribus (, so I
>>> presume something is not done again, but left as is. But does this
>>> matter? I havent digged into finding out how to uninstall the old
>>> packet because it works as is :-)
>>> Best regards
>>> Axel Bojer
>> Installing usually overwrites the old version. For major version 
>> bumps, sometimes, not always remove then install is a good idea.
>> Cheers,
>> Peter

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