[Scribus] printing to file with non-standard paper size

Gustavo Homem gustavo
Sun Nov 12 20:36:54 CET 2006

On Saturday 11 November 2006 17:37, Riku Leino wrote:
> Gustavo Homem wrote:
> > I can't find a way to have Scribus generating the postscript with an
> > appropriate page size.
> >
> > Since it allways uses the printer page size (A4), and the document page
> > is small, we get a huge white area on the postscript output, so we can't
> > rescale the actual content (with kprinter or lpr -o fitplot) on an A4.
> >
> > Any ideas?
> Have you tried enabling the "Set Media Size" on the "Advanced Options" page
> in the print dialog?

This part seems to work. Thanks!

However kprinter seems to forget this on calling psnup (or whatever ir calls 
to to multi-pages per shee) ! If I choose 2 pages per sheet on kprinter, it 
will impose them on A4 without stretching instead of just doubling the ps 
size :-(

I have a test doc, here


The goal is printing it with 2 pages per sheet, centered and streched to fit 
an A4, landscape.

Ideas ?


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