[Scribus] PDF fields documentation

John Jason Jordan johnxj
Sat Nov 11 17:58:53 CET 2006

On Sat, 11 Nov 2006 14:43:34 +0100
Plinnell <mrdocs at scribus.info> dijo:
> Based on the IRC chat from earlier today.. Sorry, I was sleeping. :)
> The limitations of fonts in PDF fields is somewhat determined by: 1. 
> the PDF version 2. available fonts locally on the reader's machine 
> *and* using local font must be enabled in the Acrobat Reader.
> As you mentioned, you are running under 64bit and there is no upgrade 
> to possible. I know both Debian, Fedora and Suse all 
> offer 64-bit versions of Scribus for 1.3.3.x, otherwise you will need 
> to compile the sources yourself. On http://debian.scribus.net there 
> are notes on doing this in a build root.
> What you want to accomplish can *only* be done in 1.3.3.x. and PDF 
> 1.5+ In 1.2.x it is simply not possible.

Thanks to you and everyone else for the suggestions.

A it turns out, Synaptic on my Ubuntu Dapper amd-64 computer lists
Scribus-ng. The description said it can be installed in parallel with, so I installed it. When I launched it I noted that it is I also noted lots of extra little features. It seems stable,
but I've only had it running for a few minutes to check out the PDF
fields problem.

Sadly, it still lists the same fonts for the PDF field as --

Zapf Dingbats

So I guess I will have to go make a feature request or something. 

I also noted something else that was a problem on and is not
changed on -- typing special characters. As a linguistics major
I constantly need to type IPA characters. Over time I have memorized
the hex codes for the ones I use most commonly, e.g., Ctrl+Shift+E6
types an ash [?]. So far this works in all programs on this computer,
even Sylpheed, my mail client. However, in Scribus none of the hex
codes work. I tried directly in a text box and also in the story
editor, and I just can't type a character via the hex code. I can do
so only with Insert Glyph. That is lots more time-consuming than just
quickly typing a hex code. Is it possible that I just need to change
something in Preferences or something to be able to type characters
using hex codes?

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