[Scribus] memory issues using images

Craig Ringer craig
Sat Nov 11 06:04:14 CET 2006

francesco fantoni wrote:
> It seems there is a serious memory problem with large images or huge
> number of images in Scribus documents using 1.3.
>>From what i understand reading bug reports it seems it could be related
> to use of Qstring for storing images.

Partly, but not entirely. That's part of it, as it doubles or quadruples
the in-memory size of the decompressed image. However, Scribus also load
sall images into RAM, filters them into another buffer, and then writes
that out, so you'll end up with more than just the source image in RAM.

Suddenly 2GB of RAM doesn't look like so much anymore ;-)

The goal is to progressively read, filter, and write images to the PDF
so that the whole image need not be kept in RAM at once (let alone two
or three decompressed copies of it as now!). And, of course, not to use
QStrings inappropriately.

> I'm having serious troubles with both 1.3.3.x and 1.3.4cvs, that turn
> out to be practically useless for producing a document with a large
> number of images. Someone stated in a bug-report that use of Qstring for
> images will be abandoned in 1.4, is it true?

Yes, as above.

> is there already a clear vision of problem and possible solutions?


There was some progress with progressive image reading in 1.3.4.

Craig Ringer

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