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Plinnell mrdocs
Fri Nov 10 22:13:58 CET 2006

The Scribus Team is pleased to announce the release of Scribus
This release is purely a further bug fix release to the recently

In particular, there are more SVG import and rendering fixes, 
including enhancements to imported text from SVG. There were fixes 
and improvements in the Story Editor, Undo/Redo and UI translation 
updates including new Greek and Bretion translations. Some PDF and 
PSD import improvements were backported from 1.3.4. Scribus now 
*requires* libtiff and the littlecms libraries.


With the announcement of, the team is officially announcing
there will be no more development or bug fixes to 1.2.x series. We
now recommend all distributions package from now on.

The Scribus team has announced previously there there will be
substantial core code changes in the next 1.3.4 and 1.3.5 releases,
so the team has branched 1.3.3 to provide a stable usable version.

The upcoming 1.3.4 version will include a completely rewritten text
layout engine for more refined glyph and text layout, along with a
host of new features including advanced transparency support, image
effects and more. The team has decided to migrate QT 4.2.x for
version 1.3.5.


A special thanks to members of the OpenBSD team for working with us to
solve some of the issues fixed with this release.

The Scribus Team would also like to thank - Anduin.net/?verby
Consulting and Cardia AS for their continued hosting of all of the
Scribus websites.

The Scribus Team would also like to thank the many end users,
translators, testers and contributors who helped us with this
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