[Scribus] scribus slow update 2

Noel Castro noel
Thu Nov 9 20:02:33 CET 2006

Well, now I've tried creating my left/right page templates. and after 
filling it in with the proper text (around 350-400 pages) scribus is 
very slow! I can scroll down a few pages, then I should wait until it 
refreshes, opening the file takes more than a few mins, and adding a 
text frame to add the right header takes more than 5 mins (I'll have to 
do this for more than a hundred pages because place holder text in a 
frame created in the master page can't be edited), and editing text 
(typing the chapter title in the right page header box, fixing a typo, 
changing a word, etc.) and editing text frames is just too slow for 
realistic use! I have also added a low res pic as a placeholder for the  
inside cover, but I don't think that its the pic that's slowing it down. 
I've got quark on a different machine w lower specs, and quark runs fine 
(other than it crashes often). Has anyone else been able to reproduce 
such slowness in scribus? And how to speed things up when working with 
large files? Is there a way to shut off the screen view of the text 
frame contents (so that the text/pic frames just show a big X to reduce 
render times) or lower the  quality of screen preview? I'd rather use 
scribus than quark, because as far as I've seen, quark crashes way too 
often, and scribus at least doesn't crash as much.

 >I'm using mandriva2007 with the latest smp kernel. My system has a 1.6 
GHZ turion 64x2. This slowdown is only with scribus. When I use the smp 
kernel, scribus can take five or more mins to >complete an action. But I 
notice if I use a 32 bit kernel, no smp, scribus runs ok--adding 500 
blank pages took 75 sec, adding sample text took 60 secs(I then opened 
the text editor and copied the >sample text a few times to get 30 
paragraphs and about 70,000 characters), and updating the style took 
about 1.5 mins, and applying the text to the document took about 1.5 
mins again. I haven't >tried adding pics yet.

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