[Scribus] Using Scribus in the classroom?

Asif Lodhi asif.lodhi
Thu Nov 9 12:04:26 CET 2006

Hi Peter,

On 11/9/06, Peter Nermander <m8130 at abc.se> wrote:
> Yes, and I know Word is primarily directed towards
> word processing.

Though I haven't tried with the very recent versions, I was writing
software use-case documents using MS Word 2000 around two years back -
using the number-outline format - 1.1, 1.2.3, etc.  Word would go
haywire whenever the level of outline went above 3 and when I deleted
and inserted another outline item.  I was very much frustrated with
the experience and tried to import the same into OO writer but then OO
didn't understand the Word outline format like it does its own native
one - that led me to switch to OO Writer - completely and for good.
And that was straight word-processing stuff.  You feel the real pain
when you pay for the software and you end up in such a situation.

> But really, when working in the classroom, isn't the
> text typing far more important than precise positioning
> of frames and manual kerning? Is somebody really
> going to teach 5th graders manual kerning?

My point was about teaching kids the "design" - the layout -
clicking and drawing frames is a snap in Scribus - filling the
same with text (insert text menu item - lorem ipsum stuff)
is also a breeze.  Then resizing frames and using various
options such as fit to frame, etc. to "learn about optimizing
the overall 'look' of the layout" - instead of typing. Kerning
is also straight and simple.  My point was teaching design
& layout - not typing.  Considering Scribus is free -
probably the only one! - it's the best software to teach
"Page Layout Design" to kids in a classroom. NOT focussing
on typing and inserting "Lorem ipsum .." stuff using
Scribus will enable them to focus on design/layout aspects
rather than typing and they will see the clear difference
between word-processing and page-layout design.

> It's been said over and over again that Scribus is no
> good for writing the text, and if the kids are going to write
> the text in one program, why not let them use
> the same program also for the layout?

Again, this way they will get more focussed on word-processing
and learn the same - instead of "page-layout/design".

Page-layout in Scribus is very simple and can be taught very
easily - at least, that's my humble opinion.  Just don't ask
them to "type" - make use of "Insert Lorem Ipsum ..."
Scribus feature and Scribus' readily available page-layout
design features.

Of course, there are other aspects to page-layout as well.
But I think if you want them to learn page-layout then
show them how to explore a page-layout software instead
of a word-processor.

I was just reading about In-Design and Adobe software -
they also have a separate word-processor - InCopy -
and it looks like they are marketing a combination of
InCopy/InDesign and databases.  They don't say that
it's good for text - they are more focused on design.

Best regards,


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