[Scribus] FC6 - Scribus Make errors

Craig Ringer craig
Thu Nov 9 03:24:09 CET 2006

Plinnell wrote:

>> scfonts.cpp:53:10: error: #include expects "FILENAME" or <FILENAME>
> It looks like you are missing the freetype-devel rpm.

Yep... the above is characteristic of Freetype's absolutely awful
include macro stuff when ft2build.h is not found.

Configure should be detecting this and refusing to continue, telling you
to go read the BUILDING file instead. Roger, if you could put your
config.log up somewhere for download, or gzip it and email it to me
(NOT!!! the mailing list) I'll have a look and see what might be causing
the missing freetype not to halt configure.

Craig Ringer

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