[Scribus] colour management in scribus

Terence Chan terence
Wed Nov 1 23:32:38 CET 2006


I'm new to scribus and I'm trying to put together a book of photography
using scribus. I import all my images as tiff. I've installed all the
lcms and lprof stuff and have looked through the documentation on the
scribus web site. I also have quite a lot of experience with printing
images I've processed with GIMP. What I know is I have my monitor
calibrated more or less right as my images appear in print the same as
they appear in GIMP. What I've noticed is that my images appear quite
different from GIMP once they've been imported into scribus; worse still
they appear quite different again once I export to PDF (e.g. the B&W
images appear a lot darker and show less detail). I assume this
is a colour management problem? If anyone out there has any helpful
hints about how to fix this, or can point me to the right documentation,
I'd be very grateful. Sorry if this is already answered in some
documentation somewhere, but as I say, I'm new to all this and haven't
found the right answers on the web.

Thanks in advance for any help,

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