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> Here's my take on it:
> Scribus should be able to place LaTeX files into specialized
> textframes. Scribus would give LaTeX these textframes as available
> pages and ask it to typeset it. Then Scribus would display the result
> at the place of the frames.

Seen in ? Moving __ to an Object-Oriented Platform ? [1]:
4.2   The External Interface with __ 
We envisage that  __ will be used in a number of different situations,
and not simply as a batch standalone program. To facilitate this
migration, we have encapsulated the interface to the external world
into a single class. This interface handles the interpretation of the
command line, as well as the setup for the file searching routines,
such as are available in the kpathsea library. Changing this class will
allow the development of an typesetting server, which could be used by
many different desktop applications.

Sounds interesting.

[1] http://omega.enstb.org/yannis/pdf/xanthi2004.pdf
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