[Scribus] Box and jumping frames

Johannes Graumann johannes_graumann
Tue May 30 21:05:09 CEST 2006

Pedrie Roberts wrote:

> Hi
> I'm not new to DTP, but I am new to Scribus. So far I'm quite impressed
> with the program (I use it on Windows). Two questions here: 1. Is there an
> easy way to draw a box (or frame) around a photo? The only way I have
> found so far, is to use Insert Shape and then manually correcting the
> size, coordinate and layer figures, which is a lengthy and complicated
> way. 2. When I change the size of a text frame by dragging, the frame
> always moves to a different position (usually up and left). I'm sure it's
> not because of clumsiness. How can I avoid the jump? Is there a way to
> lock the base point of the frame without locking the size? Thanks PRob

Looking for this?

1) insert image frame
2) right click --> get image
3) right click --> properties
        a) Line: set thickness
        b) Colors: Edit Line Color Properties --> Red


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