[Scribus] Picasa

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sun May 28 03:07:12 CEST 2006

Gregory Pittman wrote:
> Here is a link to information about Google's release of a Linux-capable 
> version of Picasa:
> http://linuxhelp.blogspot.com/2006/05/first-impressions-of-picasa-googles.html
Actually, you might just skip that intermediary step and just go to the 
Picasa site:


What you can download is a 20+MB binary, which includes Picasa, plus an 
"optimized" version of WINE (ie, you don't have to already have WINE).
It looks to be /really/ cool, and does some things people have wanted 
Gimp to do for a long time. Just watching it scan your computer for 
images is fun.

One of the buttons for enhancing your pictures is called "I'm Feeling 


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