[Scribus] Envelopes with Scribus ?.

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Fri May 26 17:36:15 CEST 2006

Klerman wrote:
> I'm trying to print on a 240mm width x 105mm height envelope.
> I did the arrangement of the graphics and text with Scribus on such a 
> paper and then tried to print it. I use a HP PSC 1610 printer for 
> these tasks.
> There's no way I can print the design on the envelope.
> Any tutorial or tip would be great to me.
I do envelopes quite a bit with Scribus -- usually no fancy graphics.
I've found that is isn't worth the bother to use a custom page size. To 
start out, you need to note how envelopes feed into the printer - some 
are off to one side, some are in the middle.
Then use guide lines to help you place your graphics/text, rotate as 
needed, set up your envelope in the printer and print. You can then save 
your page with guides and even a nonprinting text frame with 
instructions on how to set it up next time.

As I'm working with the layout, I will usually try things out with 
regular paper -- if it prints on regular paper it will print on an 
envelope, as long as the envelope is positioned properly.


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