[Scribus] Correct tool for 500-page technical book

avox avox
Wed May 24 19:08:14 CEST 2006

D. R. Evans-3 wrote:
> I am about to start work on a technical book that will be ~500 pages.
> ...
> The other possible contenders apart from Scribus are:
>   Word/OOo -- I really don't want to use these. My experience is that
> OOo almost certainly isn't up to this kind of task. Word is, but it's
> sooo painful.
>   plain TeX -- probably the most likely, although tables and Figures
> are a bit painful.
>   LaTeX -- better than TeX for tables/Figures, but probably not
> sufficiently flexible -- or, at least, not as easily customised as TeX
> Anyway, would I be stupid not to try to use Scribus? Or stupid to try to
> use it?

At this time I'd recommend LaTeX / LyX for this task. Scribus isn't really
to it at the moment: a) performance still suffers with large docs b) no
index support
c) unusable table support d) probably other quirks you'd find on the way.

In a year or even within 6 months I might give you a very different answer,
but not today. 
What about giving Scribus a try for the cover or some layout-intensive
So you'd have some fun with Scribus and get some practice.
A TeX package like pdfpages or a tool like PdfTk would help to assemble
the pages later.

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