[Scribus] Scribus - new user

Greg Hill bettyandgreg
Sun May 21 21:47:24 CEST 2006

Hi all:
Couldn't help but step in on this thread. I have been using Scribus
since very early on. I agree that 256MB RAM would appear to be a
minimum, I am running an AMD Duron 1.2 with a dual boot configuration
with Ubuntu/Kubuntu and Windows XP. I find that with the Duron
processor, Scribus performs admirably, and gets better with each new
release. My current version ( is the best yet. :-) The only
issue I have is with the production of greyscale pdf documents, but
that's for another thread. I use Scribus on a regular basis (but not
officially...sigh!) in the publishing business.

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