[Scribus] The Flyer: Ongoing tasks?

Thomas Zastrow listen
Sun May 21 20:20:43 CEST 2006

Dear list,

at first: Thank you all very much for your comments to my little flyer ;-)

I never thought that there will be so much response on such a little 

We are all on OpenSource - so I published an archive with all files 
which I used for the flyer (it's the tar.gz-archive):


Please, feel free to download and modify the files as you like. I will 
also try to spend some more time into the project: But in the next two 
weeks, I'm on a short vacation and then on a business trip, so I think 
there will be not much time for Scribus.

If you have build a modified Flyer, please feel free to send the files 
to me, I can provide Webspace for them.


Tom (still online until wendsday)

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