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Łukasz Jernaś deejay1
Sun May 21 20:11:24 CEST 2006

Dnia niedziela, 21 maja 2006 19:50, Ryan napisa?:
> Out of curiosity, what are the minimum hardware requirements that
> Scribus requires?
> I tested it on the laptop, and other than the GUI being a little
> sluggish when inserting high resolution pictures, it ran great. Are
> there any tweaks for older systems?

For one you can use a light window manager, so you have a few megs of RAM more 
for work (fluxbox/blackbox/fvwm/whatever) it did help me some time ago when I 
had a slower machine (Celereon 400 MHz with 196 MB and that were times when 
Scribus wasn't as fast as it is now! :)

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