[Scribus] [PS/EPS] complex objects editing

CeDeROM cederom
Sat May 20 14:38:16 CEST 2006


im using scribus to factorize masks of PCB that i create in eagle.
these are pretty complex vector drawings (black&white pure vector) and so  
when i select such object i have to wait few good seconds for program to  
finish drawing these red selection marks. then i group everything up no to  
see those red marks again. and it works until i copy such object and move  
pasted one - then scribus tries to draw all those "ant marks" around each  
line inside of my groupped object... so i loose contact with program for  
few _minutes_!

is there any other way to efectively edit such complex vector graphics as  
it can be done in corel draw?
are there any options to turn off those ants or lower preview resolution  
while vector editing?
i only need to multiply these imported ps/eps designs to fill A4 page...

thanks in advance!

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