[Scribus] Dilemma: Scribus performance with Vector Graphics in Presentation

PLinnell mrdocs
Wed May 17 18:12:28 CEST 2006

On Wednesday 17 May 2006 01:26, Johannes Graumann wrote:

A few thoughts replied to in-line.

> Hello,
> Naive fishing for ideas:
> - I'm working on a scientific presentation in scribus
> - Graphics are being done in Inkscape and therefore nicely
> available in SVG for direct import.
> - (Necessary) obsession with detail leads to SVGs with high element
> content (imagine coordinate systems plotted with R to EPS and
> imported into/ manipulated by inkscape and alike things).
> - Tricks like slide by slide picture buildup expand that problem
> even further (slide 1: part a of a figure, slide 2: parts a and b,
> ...).

For any kind of presentation on screen you are not likely to achieve 
much over 120dpi, so super precise vectors may not even show well 
with the clarity you wish.

Next question is if your are indeed exporting EPS from R, why not 
directly import it into Scribus ? Note, I would recommend having the 
latest Ghostscript as it improves EPS import in somecases 
dramatically. This means File > Import vs Image > Get Image > Import 

> This makes the complete document very difficult to handle (slow
> loading/manipulation) even on a machine with 2gig of ram and dual
> processor. I have retreated to png export from inkscape (300 dpi),
> but am underwhelmed with the result after inclusion into my scribus
> document and export to pdf.
> Any advice on how others deal with similar issues is highly
> welcome.
> Thanks, Joh
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Using Scribus for PDF presentation generally works very well and I 
have even scripted PDF with music when played on Win32. 

My thought is you might be trying to use overly complex vector 
drawings which might not work as well as you might think for on 
screen presentation.

That said you are welcome to send me parts or the complete file off 
list for further recommendations.


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