[Scribus] Dilemma: Scribus performance with Vector Graphics in Presentation

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed May 17 02:12:07 CEST 2006

Johannes Graumann wrote:
> Hello,
> Naive fishing for ideas:
> - I'm working on a scientific presentation in scribus
> - Graphics are being done in Inkscape and therefore nicely available in SVG
> for direct import.
> - (Necessary) obsession with detail leads to SVGs with high element content
> (imagine coordinate systems plotted with R to EPS and imported into/
> manipulated by inkscape and alike things).
> - Tricks like slide by slide picture buildup expand that problem even
> further (slide 1: part a of a figure, slide 2: parts a and b, ...).
> This makes the complete document very difficult to handle (slow
> loading/manipulation) even on a machine with 2gig of ram and dual
> processor. I have retreated to png export from inkscape (300 dpi), but am
> underwhelmed with the result after inclusion into my scribus document and
> export to pdf.
Not sure what you mean by "overwhelmed."  When I start to get 
overwhelmed with making a presentation, I find that the overall progress 
is slowing down because I am focusing more on finer and finer detail and 
not on the overall project.
You may be using higher resolution than necessary -- you sound like 
you're creating high definition artwork that cannot be shown at such a 
high resolution for the presentation anyway.
When I've done these picture buildup things, I have found that careful 
planning takes advantage of copying as much as possible, whether that's 
in Inkscape or Scribus or both. That way you're only incrementally 
adding a small amount each time. Also, making side copies to save more 
elemental stages of the work to be able to track back to can help and 
takes no time at all.

As Peter Linnell has said on the website, sometimes you need to plan 
what you're doing with pencil and paper before you even start with the 
programs on the computer.

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