[Scribus] Old Style Figures - substituting glyphs from one font

Craig Bradney cbradney
Mon May 15 21:26:57 CEST 2006

On Monday 15 May 2006 20:15, Pierre-Luc Auclair wrote:
> On Monday 15 May 2006 14:11, Louis Desjardins wrote:
> > > Well, I had figured that solution out, is there no way of substituting
> > > (globally) the numbers of the regular font with another? I know that is
> > > mixing of fonts, which should be avoided generally, but in this case
> > > this solution could be prone to create errors as well, a last minute
> > > change in the text, and suddenly we have both old style figures and
> > > majuscle numbers in the same text.
> >
> > You're absolutely right pointing at the "creating errors" issue. There
> > is no better way at the moment (unless something could be done with
> > scripting, but I cannot advise on this). But the issue is known and
> > there are plans to have a "super search & replace" function that would
> > allow to handle these cases in one single operation.
> In this case, OpenType functions ? la InDesign would be much better than a
> S&R. I assume it would not be that difficult, given that it seems glyphs
> have standardized names (at least that's what it seems in all the fonts
> I've opened so far).

This is a planned feature of the new style system.

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