[Scribus] Old Style Figures - substituting glyphs from one font

Søren Christensen severino
Mon May 15 15:15:56 CEST 2006


I'm new to Scribus. I have searched the archives for the subject, but
couldn't really find an answer, if I'm doing a bad job in searching
please forgive me.

I have the Lucida font (type1) installed in a expert / complete set (it was sold 
by TeX Users Group, with supporting packages for use with TeX.

I can acces this font with Scribus. As far as I have seen (also with
Adobe fonts) it is normal to have a 'regular' font and a 'SmallCap' font
which also includes old style figures.

My question is, how can I substitute the normal figures in Lucida Bright
Regular with the old style figures from Lucida Brigth SmallCaps regular?

Best regards

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