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phriedrich phriedrich
Mon May 15 06:59:31 CEST 2006

On Mon, 15 May 2006 10:22:02 +1000
hovergo at net-tech.com.au wrote:

> Hi all
> Can we please  have 2 choices with the properties Palette.
> the X , close and a - minimise button.
> I continuously use the properties palette on screen,  its frustrating 
> closing to get it off the screen then having to open it again.
> If it minimised to a square  a few mm across that would be good also.

Depending on your window manager and settings there often is the option
to dubble-click on the window's titlebar to roll the window up, kinda
minimize it to the window border only. This is called shading sometimes.

AFAIK KDE can be setted to do this.
Other WMs as e do it is default.

Best regards,
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