[Scribus] in case this hasn't been mentioned yet

Peter Dinnan pral
Sun May 14 04:20:35 CEST 2006

On Sunday 14 May 2006 11:47, Steve Herrick wrote:
> I came across a blog post on Scribus, and didn't find any record of it
> with a search of the archives, so here you are...
> http://designorati.com/dtp/dtparticles-4/2006/scribus%e2%80%93an-overview/
> Steve

I have to agree with comments like "some things are not in the same places, 
and some things are not in obvious places at all".

I have a good working knowledge of typesetting plus know my way around 
InDesign yet I failed to find 'snap to baseline' ...and because I couldn't 
find it I thought Scribus had come up with a world first - an auto snap.

Personally I think there will be quite a number of pro/experienced DTPer's 
jumping to Scribus as it matures (I'm one) and for this reason I'd like to 
see a 'Guided Tour' type tutorial included in the app download (pdf or online 
help) or available on the web site.  

For sure, general tutorials are necessary for those starting out in both 
Scribus and DTP but it is the Guided Tour that will have the experienced ones 
up and running quickly.

Having said that, Scribus is developing so rapidly it may not be worth it 
until the development pace slows down (v1.4?).

Any thoughts?


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