[Scribus] Baseline - Beardline?

Peter Dinnan pral
Fri May 12 23:04:40 CEST 2006

Hi Andreas,

As well as Suse 9.3 system fonts I use Microsoft core and Adobe fonts + some 
freeware fonts.

All Microsoft and Adobe fonts I use sit on the beardline + most of Suse system 
fonts. Some freeware script fonts I have sit between the baselines.

All fonts are consistent where they sit when threaded through the story even 
when two or more type faces are mixed in a text block. (That is why there is 
no problem because of this consistency - re threading from column to column).

I always use a different layer for headings/subs - re type pt size and 

I'll go through my document setup    ...as I'm wondering if all this is font 
'nature' and not a Scribus baseline bug.

Font size  12pt
Document size  A4 Portrait
Top margin 3.00p
Bottom margin 3.50p

Preferences/Document setup/Guides   -   Baseline Settings: Grid 1.20p (20%),  
Offset 3.00p

Properties Pallette/ Text   Font 12pt,   Line spacing (leading) 14.4pt (20%)

All mentioned in my last email, I can drop text down to the baseline by 
adjusting Top to about 0.30p (depending on the font it will in fact be either 
0.30, 0.35 or 0.40).

I hope I have explained this clearly?

Also, I should mention that I no longer use Microsoft Windows (Win2K) so I 
can't test to check all this on Scribus Windows port.

BTW    I am now using Scribus professionally  - goodbye InDesign    :-)


On Friday 12 May 2006 20:24, avox wrote:
> tegan wrote:
> > With reference to Bitstream vera sans, I had a good look through my fonts
> > (on
> > the baseline) and found most sit on the beardline, some on the baseline
> > while
> > others (mainly script fonts) sit between two baselines (that is, not
> > touching
> > the baseline at all).
> So it looks like a font problem? Can you tell me what fonts don't sit on
> the baseline? (name, type, download link if possible)
> If I understand you correctly one wont get an aligned line if one uses
> those fonts with eg. Bitstream Vera on the same line?
> /Andreas
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