[Scribus] Baseline - Beardline?

Peter Dinnan pral
Thu May 11 12:23:14 CEST 2006

Hi all,

I've just subscribed to the list and perhaps this has come up previously - I'm 
using v1.3.3.1    

...all text sits on the beardline, not the baseline. That is, the descenders 
of lower case p and q (for example) sit on what should be the baseline (where 
the torso should sit - b and d for example).

It's not a problem   ...because all text snaps to this beardline, however it's 
not correct typesetting so does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Please don't reply with ideas on 'correcting' baseline settings - it is 
correct; the problem is type just doesn't sit as it should re baseline.

Having said that, as I'm new to Scribus (oh, many years of pro typesetting but 
learning a new program is well, just that) I'm wondering if Scribus has the 
ability to set type to sit on either the baseline, beardline, midline or 
topline - and I've, in my lack of Scribus experience have set the baseline to 

Any thoughts/knowledge on this?

best to all,

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