[Scribus] using scribus and 1.3.3 on the same document

avox avox
Thu May 11 11:16:05 CEST 2006

Nik-4 wrote:
> As part of solving a more general problem, I have been testing using 
> scribus 1.3.3 to open a document created with Scribus 
> ...
> I have noticed that the output from scribus 1.3.3 differs from that 
> produced by scribus 1.2.4 in more than just colour. Basically, certain 
> lines of text are rendered higher up the page in 1.3.3 than they are in 
> 1.2.4, causing them to be off-center within boxes, to clip (slightly) 
> lines above, or to almost touch horizontal lines that originally 
> separated various pieces of text.
> My question is: Is this anything of concern to the developers? I am 
> happy to provide PDF output, and the SLA file if people desire. 

Yes, please file a bug and attach the .sla file. We try to achieve good
backward compatibility; in fact Scribus 1.3.x still opens files from the
0.8 version. Migration from 1.2.x -> 1.3.x/1.4 is important for us and
if possible we'll try to keep the layout stable.

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