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Peter Haraldson peterharaldson
Tue May 9 16:52:25 CEST 2006

>> About subsetting:
>> I did read about it in Scribus manual or homepage, of course I can't
>> find it now...
>> But it did say something like: "You can use subsetting reliably except
>> if you send to commercial printer".

>If that's stated on the Scribus webpage it needs corrected.

Andreas, I found the infopage:

"Other notes about fonts and font management:

    * Sub-Setting fonts is including all the glyphs in the font in the
    PostScript stream or a PDF. This allows smaller PDFs, at the expense
    of making it difficult to make minor edits in pre-press tools like
    Pit Stop. Unless you are sending PDF to commerical printer, you can
    sub-set fonts fairly reliably. This is important when you are trying
    to keep a downloadable PDF to the smallest size."

Tobias (my printer) says: "Subsetting means only the letters actually
used are embedded in the document. You shall _not_ use it when sending
to us!"

But Peter & Andreas, you both say it might be quite a good idea to use
subsetting? Don't really know what to believe, confusionconfusion...  
As for the rest, since it's now researched in a bug-report I guess we
can close this issue?
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