[Scribus] Nice article on free DTP-workflow

Thomas Zastrow listen
Sun May 7 22:13:43 CEST 2006

Take a look:


 From the article:

Sovilla's first trials in 2002 were made with Scribus 
<http://www.scribus.net/> 0.6, which had some problems with font 
management and was quite slow to use on a 230-page book. Eventually, 
everything went well, thanks to direct contacts with Scribus developer 
Franz Schmid. Another Nonluoghi author and Sovilla's friend, free 
software programmer and advocate Mario Alexandro Santini, helped him 
solve many other software problems. Several LUG members from Belluno 
<http://belluno.linux.it/> and Trento <http://www.linuxtrent.it/> in 
northeastern Italy were also helpful on more than one occasion.

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