[Scribus] pantone colors

Gustavo Homem gustavo
Fri May 5 01:27:34 CEST 2006


I was asked about pantone color support on Scribus and I found this on the 


If I understood the comments correctly  we should be able to produce a PDF 
with Pantone colors by:

- defining a color in the color editor and marking it as a spot color
- naming this color as "Pantone 185 C" or any other Pantone name
- not checking the "Convert spot colors to process colors" on the PDF export 

Do these steps actually generate a PDF with Pantone colors? Spot colors are 
rendered based on their names, right?

If so, the missing bit is an algorithm to display them "correctly" on screen, 

On the link above a set of "Pantone" colours to include on scribus.rc is 
mentioned, but it is not available anymore. Does someone have this?

Actually I tried doing that, by creating two colors which were marked as spot 
colors on Scribus. One was called "Pantone 185 C" and the other "Foobar 

Then I generated a PDF. I expected Acrobat to only render the former, since 
there is no spot color named "Foobar xpto", but it showed both.

So, how can I know when the PDF really contains Pantone colors?

Best regards

Angulo S?lido - Tecnologias de Informa??o

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