[Scribus] OT: wars

Raimondas Misius raimondas.misius
Fri Mar 31 19:38:04 CEST 2006

Tino Schwarze wrote:
> PS: Imagine the time when there will be no more enemies. "Enemy" is just
> a drawer in your mind and you're used to putting a lot of stuff in there.

With everything in your post I agree, except with the PS (in part). Yes, 
the worst our (and their) enemies reside in ourselves, but no matter how 
hard we try to be peaceful with everyone, some vultures outside are 
always looking for easy prey. That's the law of Nature, and no matter 
how civilized we look to ourselves, still we are naturally born animals 
with unique intellectual abilities.

And so, in this _natural_ world we still need to fight, at least for 
self defense. The problem lies in understanding and choice whom to fight 
-- them or ourselves. Those who are so eager to point at external "axis 
of evil" often purposefully fail to acknowledge that they themselves are 
the center of it. But raped and extensively humiliated victims still 
have the right to complain and/or resist the tyranny, be it in- or 
outside. The way we do that is our choice and our responsibility.

Thanks for this intellectual exercise. It helped to fight laziness of my 
brain cells :)

And by the way, so that this post wouldn't be total off-topic: this week 
has been marked as breakthrough struggle between me and Scribus. First I 
thought that I'm trying to occupy Scribus. But when I apparently 
succeeded in my first 64 pages poetry book layout, I eventually realized 
that it's not me who won over Scribus, but rather Scribus has forced me 
to accept its rules and find safe ways around its bug-mines. But 
regardless of who won or lost, I still feel as a victor. At least until 
my print shop tells me otherwise :) And that would be a reason for 
another war...

Good weekend!

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